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Digital mammography now available in Fremont

digital mammography in Fremont OhioThe new Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center, which features digital mammography, bone density (DEXA) scanning, is now open for business at Memorial Hospital in Fremont.

The center was constructed in existing hospital space on the north side of the building near the cashier's office. The 1,200 square-foot space will was completely renovated. The center was designed with patient privacy and comfort at its core.

According to Bonnie Reeves, Memorial Health Care System Chief Operating Officer, “Having digital mammography available to the women of Fremont will greatly benefit the community. Many women who drove to other health care systems outside of Sandusky County will now be able to stay in town for their comprehensive health care needs.”

According to, digital mammography gives women, especially those under the age of 50, significantly better results. Digital mammography can also detect cancer in women under 50 sooner than film mammography. Having the mammogram as a digital file also allows the image to be manipulated more easily, lending to more precise view of it.

 digital mammography in Fremont Ohio

 Pat Standish, R.T.R.M., examines the new digital mammography machine at Memorial Hospital.

Other advantages of having digital mammography in Fremont are space and radiation related. Images are stored electronically, therefore health-care facilities have more space that can be used for patient care. In fact, the Women's Diagnostic Center is being constructed in an area that was previously used to store x-ray films that are now being stored electronically. Digital mammograms also expose patients to 25 percent less radiation than in film mammography.

If you would like to know more about the Auxiliary of Memorial Hospital Women’s Diagnostic Center, come to the Community Open House this Sunday, April 25 from 2 – 4 p.m., or visit To schedule an appointment, call the Memorial Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Department at 419.334.6605.

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