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Memorial Hospital awards five Firestarter Awards annually to associates who have exhibited innovative care and five-star service in one of the five pillars of excellence. The five pillars of excellence at Memorial Hospital are service, people, quality, finance, and growth. These pillars provide hospital associates a foundation for setting organizational goals and direction for service and operational excellence. Firstarters are chosen from monthly Spark Award Winners. Read the 2013 Firestarter winners' nominations below.

 2013 Firestarters from left to right: Sherri Wilbur and Monica Jay, Hospice of Memorial Hospital; Patty Harben and Beth Kreh-Stanley, cardiopulmonary services; and Judy Schneider, obstetrics (not pictured)

Judy Schneider, R.N.

"Neonatal Resuscitation Program has been updated with lots of changes. Judy has been very diligent in educating herself and what the unit needs looking at every detail. She has coordinated efforts with Marianna Snavely and other departments involved. I appreciate her dedication to this and hard work in completing it timely and moving forward with education for RN staff, RT and physicians that are required to complete. I look forward to a successful transition. Thank you for your dedication!"

Beth Kreh-Stanley, R.N., R.R.T., R.C.P. and Patty Harben, R.N.
Cardiopulmonary Services

"Due to the collaborative efforts of all mentioned, we have seen a steady improvement and even 100% compliance for a few months for Heart Failure and Stroke education. What a great team effort to ensure that we meet these important requirements!"

Monica Jay, M.S.W., L.I.S.W.-S
Hospice of Memorial Hospital

"Monica has been the Bereavement Coordinator for Hospice of Memorial Hospital for over a year. We just finished our Children's Camp Fearless, where there were 37 children who attended this 5-day camp from 9am-3pm every day. Monica, with the help of 2 other staff members Bev Hart and Susan Cenkus and several volunteers, made this the best camp ever! Monica started with us last year right before this camp and has spent this last year reading and researching kid’s bereavement camps and then put into action all her new ideas.

The preparation for this camp is beyond imagination. She was so organized and so kind to these kids, the surveys from the children were priceless. There were many surveys saying that the camp should last longer. Many of these young children have lost parents and siblings and needed to express their grief in a fun, non-threatening atmosphere. Monica provided this safe place for them to talk about their special person that they have lost.

One girl's grandmother, whom this girl is now living with, said that she had never cried since her mother died and she broke down at camp talking about the mother that she has lost. These kids were excited about coming to camp and very willing to share their feeling and I believe that this is a credit to Monica. Not only did she spend hours preparing for this but she also figured out how to market this camp to get the message to the community that we had this camp but she also along with her family hauled carloads of supplies to the school where this was held.

This camp is both physically and emotionally exhausting and when I asked Monica about this her response was, "I would do this every week for these kids." And, "if I only helped one child then it was worth it." The impact that this camp has on the well being of these children is huge. Monica is a team player and is definitely a giving person. I am proud to say that Monica is one of our team members."

Sherri Wilbur, S.T.N.A.
Hospice of Memorial Hospital

"Sherri is a Home Health and Hospice Nursing Assistant. Sherri has worked months to prepare for a Hospice Hearts Desire Benefit that raised over $11,000. This is the second year that she has done this benefit. Sherri pretty much has raised this money single handedly; this is not part of her job. A few friends and family members help with this benefit but the bulk of this is on Sherri's shoulders. The time and energy that she put into this is beyond words.

She has spent countless hours volunteering on weekends and evenings taking the custom designed street ready golf cart places to sell raffle tickets for this item. It is overwhelming to think how she works fulltime and found time to organize this event including setting up 4 different bands to play, obtain over 175 raffle items, organize food to feed hundreds of people, set up the legion and clean up, acknowledge all these gifts, etc... the money that she donated to the Hospice Hearts Desire will be used for our Hospice Patients last wishes including flying family members home to see a loved one, family portraits, family picnics etc."


Patty Harben, R.N.
Cardiopulmonary Services

"Patty organized the first ever cardiac rehab reunion. The event was June 27, and was attended by 13 former patients and their guests. The focus was to keep in contact and promote continued healthy habits to maintain healthy hearts."

Has a Memorial Hospital associate helped you have a great experience? If so, please nominate him or her for a Spark Award.

Memorial Hospital began giving Firestarter awards in 2009 in order to recognize its associates who have demonstrated exemplary behaviors in order to ensure that patients and guests at Memorial are receiving the most comprehensive, compassionate care available. Based on the five pillars, the Firestarter awards are an important part of Memorial Hospital as it continues its legacy of caring in the community.