Financial Policies | Memorial Hospital

Thank you for choosing Memorial Hospital for your health care needs. The following information outlines our policies regarding the payment of your hospital bill. Our patient account representatives will work with you to make appropriate arrangements for the payment of your account, and help you file your insurance claims.

While we will do our best to assist you any way that we can, it is important that you understand your specific coverage. Whether you have commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, we recommend that you contact your carrier in advance to clarify your benefits.

It is important that you bring your insurance card, policy information, or government assistance program cards at the time of registration. We will verify your benefits for inpatient, outpatient observation and outpatient surgeries.

Some insurance companies require patients to obtain pre-certification for other outpatient services (ie., number of physical therapy visits, CT scans, MRIs, ER, etc.). This is the responsibility of the patient. Pre-certification phone numbers can often be found listed on your insurance card.

We will bill the appropriate insurance company or agency on your behalf for all claims. The patient or guarantor is responsible for any portion not covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Co-Payments, Deductibles and Self-pay Accounts

The hospital will submit claims to your insurance company for you. However, for those expenses that are not covered by your policy you are asked to pay your portion of the bill at the time services are rendered — or make appropriate arrangements with our Patient Accounting office. If you have any questions about your policy, contact your insurance company prior to your admission.

If you do not have any insurance coverage and will be responsible for the entire bill, we ask that payment is made at the time services are rendered, or that you make appropriate arrangements with the Patient Accounting Department.


We will bill your insurance according to Medicare guidelines. Your supplemental insurance will be billed after Medicare has made payment. Please supply information about your supplemental insurance at registration. You are responsible for any portion of non-covered services, co-payment, or deductible that your Medicare or supplemental insurance does not pay.


We will bill Ohio Medicaid for all applicable charges. You are responsible for any non-covered services.

Other Insurance

We will submit a claim for you to your insurance company. You are asked to pay any co-pays, deductibles, and uncovered portion of your bill at the time services are rendered, or to make appropriate payment arrangements with the Patient Accounting Department. We are unable to bill third-party liability.

Physician Charges and Other Bills

Most physicians services are billed directly by the doctor’s office. These charges are typically not reflected in your hospital bill.

Adding Dependents

Most insurance companies require that all newborns be added to an existing insurance policy within 30 days of birth. Failure to do so may result in a rejection from your insurance company.

Payment Information

You are asked to pay the portion of the charges you are responsible for at registration. This policy has been introduced in an attempt to manage the high cost associated with billing and collection. If you do not pay at the time of admission, you will be billed for any charges. We accept most major credit cards for your convenience. We ask that any unpaid balance be paid upon the receipt of the bill.

Accounts that are not paid within 30 days may be automatically transferred to a collection agency. You will be contacted directly by that company with information about your account, payments, and any finance charges or late fees.

Financial Counseling

Patient Account Representatives are available to discuss your account with you. If you have any questions about your hospital bill, or about our billing and credit policy, please feel free to call our Business Office at 419-334-6600.

Again, thank you for choosing Memorial Hospital.

Questions? Call us at: Billing/Business Office 419-334-6600